Raid Events

  • The goal early on is to accumulate as many RDS Bars (chocolate) as possible. You want to hold off on spending RDS bars until Enraged starts – usually half way through the event. You get 3X the amount of points for enraged bosses, so it’s worth the wait. They’ve also added HUGE raid bosses that appear after the half way point. These may provide up to 4X the amount of points. Hit these if at all possible!
  • Try for last strike kills. Know the damage you can dish out with 1 RDS bar. If an enemy comes up with less than that left – hit it. You’ll use 1 RDS, but gain 2 in return for last strike making it easy to accumulate bars. With a little effort you can easily accumulate 300+ bars by the time enraged starts.
  • Once Enraged starts and you’re ready to burn some RDS bars, try to help alliance members or team mates with support requests. You get a support bonus, which means you can deal more damage for per RDS used. Know the damage you can deal on each alignment day and keep looking for last strikes.
  • There is a new HYPER ATTACK button in the Raid battle screen for HUGE raid bosses. This does 12X damage to the HUGE raid boss, but only burns RDS bars in your inventory. It does NOT reduce the normal 6 slots that fill up over time. After you burn through all your RDS bars, the button switches to burning personal and/or normal power packs!! Be very careful NOT to burn pp unless you are pushing for a higher rank!!
  • Properly boost SR and up raider cards. These events are long and it’s worth it for the extra damage they’ll produce. Please master and max any raider cards prior to joining the Premium or Non-Premium Raider Rotations. Card skills now also contribute to raid damage dealt, so please help skill up raider cards on top of normal boosting/mastery if you have excess resources.


SHIELD Enforcement Training (Alliance Wars)

We must work as a team to achieve a high rank in Shield Training events. Wins matter. We have setup a schedule for formal alliance battles to make sure people are aligned and using PP in the same wars to have a better shot at Victory. We may consider early morning or late night battles as well – roll will be called in LINE chat to make sure we have enough active members participating. Please see the below list for tips:

  • We have a formal battle schedule, which may be updated daily as we go. It will be posted on LINE and here under the Events tab. ¬†Click HERE¬†for Battle schedule.
  • Wait for wall-breakers to take down walls if they are present before attacking. All members with wall-breaker cards feel free to knock them down when the battle starts
  • Combos are a new addition to AvA battles. You now get a valor bonus for attacking the same member many times in a row. Sort available targets by “Active Combos” to see those in progress. Keep in mind the estimated valor shown does NOT include the bonus valor you’ll get from the combo. Combo bonuses often rise to 300+ additional valor so it’s possible to obtain 600+ valor for one hit. We’ll also try to post these targets in the LINE War room.
  • Know the strength of your deck. If you don’t think you can beat an opponent, try to hit a few weaker or lower defense opponents to build up scrapper bonus until we get a combo going. Attack points and power packs are very important – try to make the most of each. Ask other members to get an idea of the deck you may be facing for particular opponents, if needed.
  • If you don’t have enough ATK points left for a full power attack, use the Suggested Deck to finish off those points before popping another power pack. With a running cobmo, the target’s defense is reduced to 1 card quickly, so a high attack is not needed if the combo is above 15+…you should win even if you only have enough points for 1 or 2 cards to hit.


Readiness Training

Tips for Combat Readiness Training (PvP):

  • If matched up with 3 undesirable opponents, retreat. You are not penalized in any negative manner and can immediately search for new opponents.
  • Conserve as much personal pp as possible. These will come in handy for the Alliance Training. Let your attack points recharge naturally over time.


Deck Setup

Tips for managing your offensive and defensive decks:

  • Try to go with one alignment if you can- Speed, Tactics, or Bruiser
  • You want your most powerful team boost card in the #1 Spot. This card is the most likely to proc, therefore the greatest chance to improve your ATK or DEF power for that battle.
  • Most agree to put the highest skilled cards in order for spots 2-5.
  • Certain card combinations provide extra boosts to your decks as well. A link to those can be found here (Marvel Wiki Special Combos). It may be worth using somewhat weaker cards in one of your decks to acquire some of these boosts. Feel free to ask other members in LINE chat for advice.